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The 5 Best Wind Turbines for Single Home Use

Vestas V27

The energy requirements of a single-family household may be obtained from the use of wind turbines. The power of these turbines are strong and adequate enough to supply ample energy for everyday living, with wind power reaching between 1 to 50 kilowatts and mostly between 1kW to 6kW. For farms and smaller communities, a wind turbine with a power capacity between 10 to 50kW is required.

Meanwhile, basic industrial and commercial applications necessitate wind power reaching 20kW or greater. Higher powered turbines, from 1.5k or more megawatts, are typically used for larger applications and projects, such as a wind farm. These large turbines are able to dish out energy that can supply electricity to thousands of houses. Micro turbines, on the other hand, are designed to produce and distribute power for specific applications, such as battery charging and sailboats.

When you are considering the turbine capabilities from a wide selection of the product, take into account your house’s electrical requirements and the wind conditions within your location. Usually, a wind turbine within a range of 5 to 15kW will be sufficient enough to meet the needs and demands of your home’s electrical systems, yet the average wind speed in your home is also a crucial factor.

If your planning to buy the best small wind turbine for single home use, here are the top five picks to choose from.

First, Vestas V27’s. You can find the wind turbine manufacturing company in Denmark, particularly Copenhagen. The wind turbine model is ideal for installation in Italy or Northern Ireland or any other area wherein high FIT’s apply for turbines under 250kW.

The second, Goldwind Wind Turbines, Catering to the needs of Chinese clients, the wind turbine is a great-value product with one of the world’s best price to kilowatt ratio. It is available worldwide and with a full turnkey solution.

Third, Kenetech KVS-33 wind turbine. Located in California, USA, the manufacturer’s sell the Kenetech KVS-33 turbine with rated output of of 300kW with integrated settings for 360kW and 410kW.

The fourth, the Bonus 600 MK III wind turbine with a high power output of 600kW. The wind turbine is available at a bargain price in Germany with a full service history and a brand new gearbox in 2009.

Lastly, the GE 1.5 MW wind turbine in New York, USA. It has a high rated capacity of 1,500kW and a cut-in wind speed of 3.5m/s. Power control is achieved by an active blade pitch control while the gearbox has a three-step planetary spur gear system.

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