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Cape Wind Power Future in Obama’s Hands


President Obama hasn’t made any indication on what he plans to say on April 30 when he reveals the fate of the Cape Code Wind Power project.

The massive wind power plan was been in the works for nearly a decade and it is now up to Obama and interior Secretary Ken Salazar whether the project will be allowed to continue.

This wind power project’s future could have far reaching ramifications for wind energy around the U.S. since there are several other big wind power projects being contemplated based on the results of whether Cape Wind gets the federal thumbs up or down.

With renewable energy like wind and solar a top priority for the Obama Administration, it seems likely that Cape Wind will get the approval it’s been seeking for so long. But, renewable energy supporters did get reason to be concerned when Obama permitted offshore natural gas drilling exploration last month while the this massive wind power project, and it’s 130 wind turbines, still sits in limbo.

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