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More Jobs in Wind Power than Coal


As we reported earlier the U.S. wind power industry saw record growth that resulted in it becoming the number one wind energy producing country in the world. Germany slipped to number and is currently sulking a little bit.

Another important aspect of this massive growth is that there is now more wind power industry jobs in the U.S. than there are coal power jobs.

Take that coal industry! Pow! Right in the kisser.

Wind power jobs rose by 70% last year for a total of 85,000 workers. The coal industry on the other hand has 81,000 positions.  Another nice aspect of the growth of the wind power industry is that a lot of the manufacturing positions are appearing in areas that have been hardest hit by deindustrialization.

Another interesting part of the report is that wind power accounted for 42% of all the new power added to the U.S. last year. And much of this new wind energy is happening in the West so we are seeing a shift in electricity generation from the East to the West. Texas saw the most investment into wind energy and currently leads the country with a total of 7,116 megawatts of power generated. Iowa saw a great deal of growth too and beat out California for the second most wind power generated with 2,790 megawatts.

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