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GE Visits Ohio For ‘Capture the Wind’ Tour

Columbus’ Center of Science and Industry got a visit from GE today, who displayed a 131-foot wind turbine blade to show the public and Ohio’s leaders the innovative technologies that are helping to build our clean energy future.

The tour’s stop will allow Ohio residents to add their signatures to the wind turbine blade and pledge their support for its message: “I’m helping to build America’s energy future.”

 “America has the power to choose a better energy future,” said Vic Abate, vice president of GE’s Renewable Energy business. “American technology and innovation can create a cleaner, smarter, more efficient energy economy in Ohio and across America that will revitalize precision manufacturing, boost exports and create jobs, but we need the right policy at the federal level to make that vision a reality.”

 Last year, the U.S. wind industry supported 85,000 jobs in all 50 states.

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Transportation of Wind Turbines in Wales Being Tested

Wind controversy over in Wales: plans to transport wind turbine blades and towers along mid Wales’ country roads are being tested and people are up in arms over it. BBC news is reporting that a truck towing an extended trailer with a police escort carried out the first trial run on Tuesday, with a second planned for Wednesday.

Although delays to motorists were minimal, residents still remember last year when a report warned that “significant disruption” could be caused by taking turbines by road.

However, Tuesday’s trial to a remote area three miles south of the village of Dolfor, near Newtown, passed without incident. A further test run to mid Wales is planned next month from Ellesmere Port docks in north west England, when a truck and its police escort will navigate roads down from north Wales.

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Anti Wind Power Protestors Make a Stink in Ottawa

Canada’s capital city of Ottawa saw a Conservative group named, the North Gower Wind Action Group, march on Queen’s Park to deliver a staggering 408 signature petition to stop the building of 10 wind turbines in the Ottawa community.

The protestors opposition to the bubilding of the wind turbines was based on the belief that they would cause possible negative health effects on locals claiming that the noise and vibrations from the wind turbines were associated with various health problems, including headaches and increased inattentiveness.

“I understand people may not like the looks of them. I understand that,” Environment Minister John Gerretsen said at the Queen’s Park protest. “If you live next to the 400 series of highways in Ontario, you will be subjected to a lot more noise than you ever will be from wind turbines.”

The Ontario government is looking to wind power to compensate for old coal-fired plants which are set to be decommissioned by 2014.

They intend to speed up the increased use of wind power through new laws that allow generators to essentially bypass municipal control.

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FloDesign Wind Turbine Company Set to Expand

After earning a cool $3 million from MassCEC, Wilbraham, MA based FloDesign Wind Turbine Corp will use the funds to expand its operations. The company is recognized as the developer of a U.S. Department of Energy-recognized “transformative” wind energy technology.

FloDesign hopes to build its first wind turbines in Massachusetts and to establish a new benchmark for other wid  technology companies to look to.

The deal with MassCEC should generate 120 new jobs in the area over the next three years.

“Massport embraces technology that helps the environment and we are very excited about the prospect of bringing this cutting edge wind energy technology to test it in an airport environment,” said Thomas J. Kinton Jr. CEO and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Port Authority. “We look forward to working with FloDesign to understand the technology fully and push for the necessary regulatory approval from the FAA so that we can install one or more turbines at a Massport airport in a pilot program.”

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South Dakota Wind Turbine Plant Announces Lay Offs

A South Dakota wind turbine company located in the town of Howard, has announced plans to lay off one third of the company.

Knight & Carver Wind Group Inc., which builds blades for medium sized wind turbines, is laying off 16 of the plant’s 55 workers this week, and the firm might temporarily close the plant in about a month, said Gary Kanaby, the company’s vice president.

“We are committed to this community and we’re not picking up our bags and leaving,” he said. “It just looks like we’re probably are going to close it for a little while.”

However, if things don’t improve for the flailing company, more lay offs could occur down the road. Kanaby admitted that the Howard closure could last between two and six months.

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Wind Tower Company Breaks Ground on New Factory

One of 12 companies to recieve support from Michigan’s congressional delegation, Ventower Industries has broken ground on its 115,000-foot wind-tower manufacturing facility, after winning an advanced-energy manufacturing tax credit under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Ventower Industries, a full service fabricator and supplier of industrial scale, wind turbine towers, provides wind towers to wind plants throughout the Great Lakes Region.

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Massive Opportunity for Wind Turbine Production in US

The number of wind turbine parts built in the United States grew in 2008 along with the boom in the wind energy market. But despite the growth in demand for wind turbine parts, the US has continued to import the lion’s share of these parts.

Imports of wind turbine parts to the US went from $60 million worth in 2004 to $2.5 billion in 2008.
With that amount of money going to importing wind turbine parts it definitely seems like there’s a lot of growth potential for American manufacturers.

Vestas is one of the major producers of wind turbines with one fifth of all wind turbines erected in the US being built by Vestas. One of their senior vice presidents, Roby Roberts, states of the situation that, “Wind is positioned to help take a lot of those manufacturing jobs that have been lost, especially in the auto industry, and move them into the work we’re trying to do.”

Although Vestas has not made any of its turbines on American soil, Roberts stated that by 2010, they plan to build all of them in the US, with one factory currently built in Colorado and three more expected to be up and running by early 2010.

Will this be a part of growing trend that sees long term jobs popping up on a massive scale in the wind power industry. With all the incentives and investments being invested in wind energy by the Obama adiministration is seems likely that wind power, and wind power jobs, will be here to stay.

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Plastic Edges Could Improve Efficiency of Wind Turbines

Risø, the National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy at the Technical University of Denmark, is conducting researching on improving the efficiency of wind turbine blades by adding plastic edges on the blades.

Helge Aagaard Madsen, who is a research specialist on the project, explains, “Providing the blade with a movable trailing edge it is possible to control the load on the blade and extend the life time of the wind turbine components. This is similar to the technique used on aircrafts, where flaps regulate the lift during the most critical times such as at take-off and landing. If the results confirm our estimated performance, we will test the rubber trailing edge on a full-scale wind turbine within a few years.”

Research shows built-in rubber cavities provide the desired movement of the trailing edge, when the cavities are being put under pressure by air or water. The rubber cavities thus save the turbine blades from wear-and-tear.

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Siemens Supplying Hundreds of Wind Turbines to Dong Energy

First of all, Dong Energy? Seriously? Hahahahaha. OK, I’m over it. Sorry about that.

Dong Energy has recently signed a deal with Siemens… Bwahahahaha… Siemens? Really? Siemens is supplying Dong! Man, you just can’t make this stuff up. OK, sorry, back to your regularly scheduled wind power news.
Dong Energy is all set to erect (giggle) up to 500 offshore wind turbines in Northern Europe thanks to a recent agreement with Siemens AG. The wind turbines in question will have a total capacity of 1,800 megawatts and each will have an individual capacity of 3.6 megawatts.

CEO of the Renewable Energy Division of Siemens Energy René Umlauft, said this marked one of the biggest orders ever for Siemens (snicker).

Both Dong and Siemens made history together when they constructed the world’s first offshore wind farm at Vindeby in Denmark. Thrusting the mighty structures forth into the wide open sky, glistening with the condensation, the ocean pounding against their mighty girth… damn it!

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Established Wind Turbine Companies Continue to Dominate

The Emerging Energy Research’s annual Wind Turbine Market Share Update found that in 2008 the established wind turbine manufacturers installed over 50 percent more wind turbines than the previous year. Newer wind turbine companies saw a growth of 100 percent.

The big established wind turbine companies include: Bestas, General Electric, Gamesa, Enercon, Suzlon and Siemens. This group of six companies accounted for 70 percent of all of last year’s installations.

So despite the 100 percent growth of the newer companies, of which there are approximately 15, like Sinovel, Dongfang and Clipper, they are still fighting for a much smaller piece of the wind turbine pie.

Globally, wind turbine manufacturers installed about 11 GW more worth of turbines in 2008 than in 2007 to a total of almost 30 GW which amounts to nearly double what was installed in 2006.

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